Improve Engagement Programs

Improve Engagement Programs  

Across the world, staff engagement levels are worryingly low. And that includes Australia. Low engagement means low productivity and performance. It means you're missing out on revenue. And it means increased costs.

As a manager, you have an enormous impact on your team's engagement: 

  • By increasing your own engagement
  • By strengthening your relationship with each of you team members.
  • By helping your team memberst to develop stronger relationships with each other.

2 Live Online Training Programs to Choose From:  

What you will learn:

  • How different team engagement levels impact your bottom line 
  • How to assess your team's current engagement levels without a staff engagement survey 
  • How to anticipate changes in team engageme levels 
  • How to effectively start a process to improve the engagement of your disengaged staff 
  • How to maximise the impact of one of the key factors for team engagement: relationships between team members.

How the program works:

  • 3 live online training sessions, each 48 hours apart
  • An 'homework' application activity after each session

Dates for the next program:

Session 1: Monday 13 August, 12pm AEST

Session 2: Wednesday 15 August, 12pm AEST

Session 3:, Friday 17 August 12pm AEST

Your investment: $29

What you will learn:

  • How to maximise your own engagement, and why this is a crucial step.
  • Strategies for strengthening your relationship with each individual team member
  • Strategies for strengthening the relationships between team members

How the program works:

  • 7-week Pilot program
  • weekly online group coaching calls
  • Application 'homework' activities 
  • Small peer groups for review of homework and support
  • An accountibility buddy throughout the program
  • Unlimited email access to Anne-Marijke

Pilot program:

The program kicks of in September. Please register below for more information.

Your investment: $199 for the pilot program. Afterwards $499

Anne-Marijke Gerretsen from Red Berry Leadership Development

Hi, I'm Anne-Marijke Gerretsen - or call me AMG, most people do :-)

I founded Red Berry Leadership Development to help team managers, team leaders and supervisors like you who are struggling to get the performance from their teams that they need. 

I help them increase engagement in their teams (which if proven to improve performance and increase revenue!) by showing them how to 

  • improve relationships between team members; and 
  • strengthen their own relationship with their team.

When you do one of my programs you can be sure that you will work with me - I am personally with you from the very beginning.

I personally write all my emails, do the paperwork, your results discussion and the weekly group coaching sessions.

I'm looking forward to helping you increase engagemen in your team!