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Work Strength Maximiser Profile 



Knowing your unique work preferences helps you identify your strengths and leverage them to perform better and enjoy your work more.

This is what you can expect:

More joy and satisfaction at work when you understand what makes you 'tick'. 


Know your unique work strengths so you can actively leverage them to do your best work.

Understand how your work preferences differ from those of your work mates and strengthen your relationships.

Your Work Strengths Maximiser Profile includes:

  • Highly effective and recognised Australian work preferences assessment
  • Comprehensive report with your unique profile: your strengths; you areas for development; how others should communicate with you.
  • A personal discovery workbook
  • A personal goal setting session with Anne-Marijke Gerretsen
  • 1 year access to an extensive set of personalised online learning activities
Anne-Marijke Gerretsen from Red Berry Leadership Development

Hi, I'm Anne-Marijke Gerretsen - or call me AMG, most people do :-) 

I founded Red Berry Leadership Development to help team managers, team leaders and supervisors like you who are struggling to get the performance from their teams that they need.  

I help them increase engagement in their teams (which if proven to improve performance and increase revenue!) by showing them how to 

  • increase their own engagement and joy a work;
  • improve relationships between team members; and 
  • strengthen their own relationship with their team.  

When you do one of my programs you can be sure that you will work with me - I am personally with you from the very beginning. 

I personally write all my emails, do the paperwork, your results discussion and the weekly group coaching sessions.  

Red Berry Leadership Development

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